Whoops, it’s been a while

This is going to be a few posts in one because I’m awful and never got around to it.

Cherry Finsbury in A5

I had been trying to find a red a5 planner with card slots and a zipped compartment with the intention of using it as a purse too. I saw the Chameleon and thought it would be perfect, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it. Then I realised that the Finsbury came in a red. I order it and tried desperately to love it. I think it left the house twice.

I think I might have to sell my would-be unicorn because it just wasn’t what I hoped for. Why didn’t I like it? It was very ridged and felt huge. I had been using the A5 planner portion out of my Pennybridge which was brilliant, very slim with 20mm rings and the cover only being marginally larger than the pages. This sports 30mm rings and is much larger than the paper – it’s pretty much the size of my Pennybridge both in height and thickness.

Back into my Pennybridge.

I moved back into my Pennybridge planner section for a while but the pockets I had created for it make it bulky and difficult to write on as all of the poppers line up. I found it a bit too floppy and was worried about getting it bent out of shape in a bag. Plus there is no ability to use it as a purse too. I do still plan to make covers for it and will potentially move back into it at some point because the A5 size is just so wonderful for so many things.

Moved into my college.

As you can tell, trying to settle on a planner wasn’t really working for me and I really wanted to put my purse into my planner still. I like the horizontal card slots of my college so tried that again. Downside being – nowhere to put actual money. I’d been looking on various selling platforms and was looking to try something else. So where did I do from there?

Meet the brown Holborn personal.

Personal seemed the size for a purse, brown seemed like it would go with the biggest selection of what I wear and use now without being a harsh black. The model had the horizontal card slots and lots of pockets.

Is this my unicorn? Maybe. I’m not using the (stunning) cotton cream inserts that came with it. I’m considering buying them for next year as there is no way I’m going to be printing a lot of personal inserts (more on that later). I’m using a set of white wo1p inserts that were included in my purple domino that had been in my college. Speaking of the domino, my mum needed an all-in-one datebook  / notepad and as I wasn’t keen on the style, I gave it to her. But, back to the Holborn. I now have quite a few sheets of the other filofax inserts which is a good thing as my printed inserts having been coming out too well as my printer seemed to have an issue aligning the two sides. All I really wanted was to make a custom set of dividers following a similar theme to my A5 ones but the few mm that it was out on either side made a huge difference as it cut off lots of text and generally didn’t look good.

Dividers I did conquer! The fronts show various recent pictures of my dog and then the reverse all sport various dog related quotes (my dog if my life if you can’t tell!). I only really need four sections in my planner as pretty much everything falls into one of them. Obviously there’s my calendar which is pretty self explanatory and on the first page has a year to a page planner from pengems, then notes cover everything from my to do list to random things I need to remember. Information will eventually contain personal information and likely some brief dog information for in case of emergencies. It will also contain my yearly goals which I have yet to copy from my A5 layout. Finally I have a resources tab which is similar to notes but is more structured and things I might need to just refer to occasionally. So far it has dog food prices (explanation – I raw feed and if you look at the bottom let picture carefully you can see the price of some of the products I buy from a supplier, this list if mostly for reference on if something I spot when out and about is expensive) and has numbers for local rescue centres as people do tend to ask me this.

I love the Holborn because it has so many pockets honestly, there are two in the front and three in the back. Currently I don’t really use the one at the front with the opening by the rings but the other one sometimes holds my phone and/or a shopping bag. The one at the back that you can see holds leaflets for Rawfeeding Rebels as I do try and interest people and some of them want a leaflet as opposed to just a chat. Then there are two remaining pockets, protected by the pen. One open and one zip. The zip pockets holds my coin cash and the open one my paper cash. This is definitely my favourite planner.


Plastic pockets!

When I first started trying to organise my planner, I knew that I would definitely 100% need a pocket. I like to keep leaflets for raw feeding on hand for if I talk to people and they express interest. Add to that my recent moving between planners and I need somewhere to store my different sized food diary pages. I saw an excellent tutorial on AppleHead Threads from 2012 but the pictures are no longer available. I’ve emailed the blog and she’s looking into it but I’m extremely impatient and decided to give it a go.

IMG_2353.JPG This is the first one I made. I got a cheap set of plastic wallets from work in a multipack and we already had the duck tape. If you look closely you can see the tape isn’t quite perfectly straight but it’s not overly noticeable and more distracting for me is that the tape is a slightly different length on the top and bottom. When making it, I cut the whole thing out and then taped which has left the front and back ever so slightly out of alignment as the sheets moved, it’s not enough to affect usage or affect how it looks but just a point to note.

IMG_2354.JPG I then decided I’d do a second one too. This time, I cut the sides but not the bottom and taped them as I cut them so the alignment was correct and then cut the bottom and taped that. Unfortunately, I taped from the back (not the front) and taped the sides up making it too small for A5 paper so had to pull those bits up slightly and make a slit in it. To perfect it, I need to tape the sides as I go but tape from the front so the tape is level with the front sheet and not the back one. I will perfect this by the time I’ve made them all.

As an interesting point, I bought this hole punch on eBay which is excellent. It punches A5, personal, pocket and mini. I am seriously impressed with it.

Next on the project list is a cover for the organiser of my A5 pennybridge. I’m hoping for a cover that I can leave on even when it’s in the outer folio and add a pen loop to it too. I need to find some material first but I’ll get there, wish me luck!