Swapping, forgetting and disappointment

Tomorrow is my second day at college and the first day I’ll be using my a4 identity! I plan to write about how that goes and the planned setup this weekend, but for now just a quick update. 

After my week off last week, I’ve only really been to regular appointments this week (agility practise and work) so didn’t really pick up my planner, this lead to effectively missing flyball because, even though my phone reminded me a couple hours before, I was just too tired to psych myself up for it as I usually would if I were tired. I don’t think my boy minded too much as he was sleeping off the afternoon’s activities but still, we only go once a fortnight and it’s a shame to miss it.

Not checking in made me decide to shake things up a bit so I’ve moved out of my a5 into my personal domino but here’s the disappointment, I don’t think I’ll be staying in it long. Not for now at least. I’m going to see how I get on with the paper size to actually use it but my god I’ve decided I have printing things for it. I wanted to make dividers similar to the ones in my a5 but I just cannot get them to line up on the front and back and maximise paper usage with 3 to a sheet. In the end, I gave up and went to attempt 2 per sheet but then my printer was running low on blue ink and I couldn’t be bothered to fart about changing that as my printer has a tendency to just complain for an hour when you try to change ink so I’ve just given up. 

Furthermore, it seems the page marker that came with my domino doesn’t seem to align nicely with the rings and gets snagged which just annoys me especially considering it was absolutely fine when I was using it in my college. 

I’m adding this picture too just to briefly mention the other bits in it. My lady bug purse was a Christmas gift that I love the look on but not too sure on the size, I’m testing it whilst trying to determine if I can keep my cards in my planner. The other two bits are leather items from Gusti Leder, along the bottom is a stunning pencil case and the other is a small purse/bag organiser type thing that I’m keeping a few bits in like my nail file. I got some brilliant bits from them and I jiggly show you everything at some point.