Plastic pockets!

When I first started trying to organise my planner, I knew that I would definitely 100% need a pocket. I like to keep leaflets for raw feeding on hand for if I talk to people and they express interest. Add to that my recent moving between planners and I need somewhere to store my different sized food diary pages. I saw an excellent tutorial on AppleHead Threads from 2012 but the pictures are no longer available. I’ve emailed the blog and she’s looking into it but I’m extremely impatient and decided to give it a go.

IMG_2353.JPG This is the first one I made. I got a cheap set of plastic wallets from work in a multipack and we already had the duck tape. If you look closely you can see the tape isn’t quite perfectly straight but it’s not overly noticeable and more distracting for me is that the tape is a slightly different length on the top and bottom. When making it, I cut the whole thing out and then taped which has left the front and back ever so slightly out of alignment as the sheets moved, it’s not enough to affect usage or affect how it looks but just a point to note.

IMG_2354.JPG I then decided I’d do a second one too. This time, I cut the sides but not the bottom and taped them as I cut them so the alignment was correct and then cut the bottom and taped that. Unfortunately, I taped from the back (not the front) and taped the sides up making it too small for A5 paper so had to pull those bits up slightly and make a slit in it. To perfect it, I need to tape the sides as I go but tape from the front so the tape is level with the front sheet and not the back one. I will perfect this by the time I’ve made them all.

As an interesting point, I bought this hole punch on eBay which is excellent. It punches A5, personal, pocket and mini. I am seriously impressed with it.

Next on the project list is a cover for the organiser of my A5 pennybridge. I’m hoping for a cover that I can leave on even when it’s in the outer folio and add a pen loop to it too. I need to find some material first but I’ll get there, wish me luck!