Filofax Holborn

Again it’s been a while! I’m really not great at this blogging thing! But, I have news on the Holborn.

I’m still using it! It might even be my unicorn after all!

The very front hasn’t changed all that much from its introduction in my previous post¬†but notably there’s a lack of cards. It bugged me keeping them all in the front there where I didn’t really use them often but my bank card gets the top slot at the front for it’s ease of use – it’s easy to remove without opening my planner which is handy.

Inside I’m still using the pengems year to a page, the highlighting indicates pay days because who doesn’t like to know when it’s payday? I added this stunning washi to the top from TK Maxx. I’m not really big on using washi in my planner but I love buying it so have quite a few already. (On a tangent, anyone seen the duckling tape?? Adorable!)

Then I’ve thrown in a quick example of a typical week for me, there’s nothing really personal so I don’t mind showing it, there is work which whilst I’m on regular hours usually I still write down in case I do other stuff too, then there’s my dog group commitments and the red notice stamps are used to indicate a show we’re competing in. This was my first time using the stamps I bought from facebook and they’re not straight, not all particularly clear and there’s some bleeding and transfer on my pages. It taught me I need to be more patient with my stamping but overall I’m not too bothered – it does that I wanted it to which is being immediately noticeable without the stickers I was using for dog events originally. I still want to go back to stickers for my training events at some point but I was perturbed when the yet unused stickers that I stored in my planner got dislodged off the backing and ended up stick everywhere.

Flipping to the back, I bought two business card holders from eBay to store the rest of my cards in. I picked the business card holder because of the top opening as opposed to the side opening and that if I do happen to want to store business cards in it then I can do that too. The only ones visible are my Booths loyalty card, my NHS prescription payment card (hence the quality of the photo when I then went to make the info blurry) and my donor card. The back slot still holds my Rebels leaflets and my cash. Part of me does wish that the zipped pocket weren’t at the same side as the pen loop as it can be fiddly to get coins out with the pen there but overall it feels safer that way and I don’t use that much cash for it to be a huge problem.

I’m going to close out this post with a picture and some quick thoughts

My gorgeous Laufey! Yes this is on my bed and that throw could do with a wash but he’s chilling with a picture of himself ūüėÄ

Quick thoughts

lovely leather; not too ridged or floppy
lots of pockets
tricky to get into zipped pocket quickly
pen loop perfect for my pilot
easily elegant in all situations
can even fit my phone in the front slot
slightly worried about scratching it

Whoops, it’s been a while

This is going to be a few posts in one because I’m awful and never got around to it.

Cherry Finsbury in A5

I¬†had been trying to find a red a5 planner with card slots and a zipped compartment with the intention of using it as a purse too. I¬†saw the Chameleon and thought it would be perfect, unfortunately I¬†couldn’t afford it. Then I realised that the Finsbury came in a red. I order it and tried desperately to love it. I think it left the house twice.

I think I might have to sell my would-be unicorn because it just wasn’t what I hoped for. Why didn’t I like it? It was very ridged and felt huge. I had been using the A5 planner portion out of my Pennybridge which was brilliant, very slim with 20mm rings and the cover only being marginally larger than the pages. This sports 30mm rings and is much larger than the paper –¬†it’s pretty much the size of my Pennybridge both in height and thickness.

Back into my Pennybridge.

I moved back into my Pennybridge planner section for a while but the pockets I had created for it make it bulky and difficult to write on as all of the poppers line up. I found it a bit too floppy and was worried about getting it bent out of shape in a bag. Plus there is no ability to use it as a purse too. I do still plan to make covers for it and will potentially move back into it at some point because the A5 size is just so wonderful for so many things.

Moved into my college.

As you can tell, trying to settle on a planner wasn’t really working for me and I really wanted to put my purse into my planner still. I like the horizontal¬†card slots of my college so tried that again. Downside being – nowhere to put actual money. I’d been looking on various selling platforms and was looking to try something else. So where did I do from there?

Meet the brown Holborn personal.

Personal seemed the size for a purse, brown seemed like it would go with the biggest selection of what I wear and use now without being a harsh black. The model had the horizontal card slots and lots of pockets.

Is this my unicorn? Maybe. I’m not using the (stunning) cotton cream inserts that came with it. I’m considering buying them for next year as there is no way I’m going to be printing a lot of personal inserts (more on that later). I’m using a set of white wo1p inserts that were included in my purple domino that had been in my college. Speaking of the domino, my mum needed an all-in-one datebook ¬†/ notepad and as I wasn’t keen on the style, I gave it to her. But, back to the Holborn. I now have quite a few sheets¬†of the other filofax inserts which is a good thing as my printed inserts having been coming out too well as my printer seemed to have an issue aligning the two sides. All I really wanted was to make a custom set of dividers following a similar theme to my A5 ones but the few mm that it was out on either side made a huge difference as it cut off lots of text and generally didn’t look good.

Dividers I did conquer! The fronts show various recent pictures of my dog and then the reverse all sport various dog related quotes (my dog if my life if you can’t tell!). I only really need four sections in my planner as pretty much everything falls into one of them. Obviously there’s my¬†calendar which is pretty self explanatory and on the first page has a year to a page planner from pengems, then¬†notes cover everything from my to do list to random things I need to remember.¬†Information will eventually contain personal information and likely some brief dog information for in case of emergencies. It will also contain my yearly goals which I have yet to copy from my A5 layout. Finally I have a¬†resources tab which is similar to notes but is more structured and things I might need to just refer to occasionally. So far it has dog food prices (explanation – I raw feed and if you look at the bottom let picture carefully you can see the price of some of the products I buy from a supplier, this list if mostly for reference on if something I spot when out and about is expensive) and has numbers for local rescue centres as people do tend to ask me this.

I love the Holborn because it has¬†so many pockets honestly, there are two in the front and three in the back. Currently I don’t really use the one at the front with the opening by the rings but the other one sometimes holds my phone and/or a shopping bag. The one at the back that you can see holds leaflets for Rawfeeding Rebels¬†as I do try and interest people and some of them want a leaflet as opposed to just a chat. Then there are two remaining pockets, protected by the pen. One open and one zip. The zip pockets holds my coin cash and the open one my paper cash. This is definitely my favourite planner.

Decisions, hopes and finding your Identity

Well, the domino lasted long. Not. I’m back to my a5 and I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not going to get on with the domino. I might try going back to my college one day (I do love that planner) but the domino just isn’t for me. I’m still looking for a new planner, a5 size but I’m hoping to use it as a purse too and debating whether I should get something with a zip pocket or punch a purse into it. I’ll probably start with the purse punch and go from there. I think I’d love a chameleon but they seem very hard to find and a lady I’ve been speaking to about one but I can’t afford it. I’m looking into a few other models too so we’ll see.


I’m officially using my A4 Identity now too. Last week I started a new college course and was hoping to just use my A5 with everything in it. Once I got there and realised the tutor is going to pre-print all of the handouts for the course on A4 paper all pre-punched to fit in¬†my identity I figured I’d use this instead.


I enlarged the Wendaful year on a page that I’ve been using in my A5 for my front and stuck some washi tape on the dividers. I hope to get some fancy dividers for it but we’ll see on that front. My post-its are just slid into a card slot, my calculator shoved in the side and my student ID is just looped around it then I don’t forget it.

I’m going to make a pen loop for my current A5 so I’ll show you that once I’ve finished it!

Swapping, forgetting and disappointment

Tomorrow is my second day at college and the first day I’ll be using my a4 identity! I plan to write about how that goes and the planned setup this weekend, but for now just a quick update. 

After my week off last week, I’ve only really been to regular appointments this week (agility practise and work) so didn’t really pick up my planner, this lead to effectively missing flyball because, even though my phone reminded me a couple hours before, I was just too tired to psych myself up for it as I usually would if I were tired. I don’t think my boy minded too much as he was sleeping off the afternoon’s activities but still, we only go once a fortnight and it’s a shame to miss it.

Not checking in made me decide to shake things up a bit so I’ve moved out of my a5 into my personal domino but here’s the disappointment, I don’t think I’ll be staying in it long. Not for now at least. I’m going to see how I get on with the paper size to actually use it but my god I’ve decided I have printing things for it. I wanted to make dividers similar to the ones in my a5 but I just cannot get them to line up on the front and back and maximise paper usage with 3 to a sheet. In the end, I gave up and went to attempt 2 per sheet but then my printer was running low on blue ink and I couldn’t be bothered to fart about changing that as my printer has a tendency to just complain for an hour when you try to change ink so I’ve just given up. 

Furthermore, it seems the page marker that came with my domino doesn’t seem to align nicely with the rings and gets snagged which just annoys me especially considering it was absolutely fine when I was using it in my college. 

I’m adding this picture too just to briefly mention the other bits in it. My lady bug purse was a Christmas gift that I love the look on but not too sure on the size, I’m testing it whilst trying to determine if I can keep my cards in my planner. The other two bits are leather items from Gusti Leder, along the bottom is a stunning pencil case and the other is a small purse/bag organiser type thing that I’m keeping a few bits in like my nail file. I got some brilliant bits from them and I jiggly show you everything at some point.

FiloFax Identity

I accidentally bought yet another filofax. Honestly, I really didn’t mean to this time but I couldn’t pass up such a great bargain. I was actually out with the intention of finding a new desk but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Meet my A4 Identity. It was advertised as originally being ¬£50 in WHSmith but had a sticker on it saying it was ¬£30¬†and then another saying it was ¬£14.95. The other one they had only had the ¬£30 sticker – I don’t know if they actually were different prices but I wasn’t chancing it. The box was a bit beaten up but I don’t mind that.

Looking closely at the filo, there is a small scuff on the spine and a couple of tiny marks on the back but they’re not noticeable unless you’re really looking for them.

Inside, there’s the standard diary, ruler, to do, addresses, this notepaper that I might scan in so I can print copies and the notepad. The inside corners have this pinched design which I’m not overly keen on – it just doesn’t look as clean as other designs where this is sandwiched inside the binder. It’s also heavy. As in, weighs on a par with my Pennybridge¬†with my iPad in it.

Overall, I wouldn’t have paid ¬£50 for it. In fact, I likely wouldn’t have paid ¬£30 for it but at ¬£15 I think it was a bargain.

My other topic of interest for the day is the cover I was talking about for my Pennybridge. I still don’t yet have the material (hoping to find something later this week) but in the mean time I remembered a bag I have that I was hoping it would fit in.

IMG_2371¬†It fits perfectly. It’s a bag I got a couple of years ago from New Look and never really used but it fits very snug and is a perfect temporary home for my A5 filo. Whilst I was in town yesterday, I also got the ladybug watch key ring. I’m obsessed with lady bugs and just had to buy it. It makes a lovely filo charm but my filo won’t fit in the bag when it’s hanging off it, small price to pay for a temporary solution.

Plastic pockets!

When I first started trying to organise my planner, I knew that I would definitely 100% need a pocket. I like to keep leaflets for raw feeding on hand for if I talk to people and they express interest. Add to that my recent moving between planners and I need somewhere to store my different sized food diary pages.¬†I saw an excellent tutorial on AppleHead Threads¬†from 2012 but the pictures are no longer available. I’ve emailed the blog and she’s looking into it but I’m extremely impatient and decided to give it a go.

IMG_2353.JPG¬†This is the first one I made. I got a cheap set of plastic wallets from work in a multipack and we already had the duck tape.¬†If you look closely you can see the tape isn’t quite perfectly straight but it’s not overly noticeable and more distracting for me is that the tape is a slightly different length on the top and bottom. When making it, I cut the whole thing out and then taped which has left the front and back ever so slightly out of alignment as the sheets moved, it’s not enough to affect usage or affect how it looks but just a point to note.

IMG_2354.JPG¬†I then decided I’d do a second one too. This time, I cut the sides but not the bottom and taped them as I cut them so the alignment was¬†correct and then cut the bottom and taped that. Unfortunately, I taped from the back (not the front) and taped the sides up making it too small for A5 paper so had to pull those bits up slightly and make a slit in it. To perfect it, I need to tape the sides as I go but tape from the front so the tape is level with the front sheet and not the back one. I will perfect this by the time I’ve made them all.

As an interesting point, I bought this hole punch on eBay which is excellent. It punches A5, personal, pocket and mini. I am seriously impressed with it.

Next on the project list is a cover for the organiser of my A5 pennybridge. I’m hoping for a cover that I can leave on even when it’s in the outer folio and add a pen loop to it too. I need to find some material first but I’ll get there, wish me luck!

FiloFax Pennybridge

Well, it’s new year. What I’ve been waiting for to really get using a planner. I’m hoping for a busy year with many new plans, and hopefully some organisation! I’m officially trying to move into my pennybridge which could be easier said than done. She’s not quite finished yet, and more than likely will change multiple times but I’ve not really seen anyone set up in a pennybridge so this is where I’m starting…

This is the iPad 2/3/4 Pennybridge. Yes, that is a huge cardboard cut-out of Link from The Legend of Zelda relected in my ipad.

This FiloFax was a christmas gift from my mum, it is used off eBay and came with original dividers, a lined notepad and the bookmark with no inserts.

The¬†Pennybridge is¬†a¬†zipped folio with a removable organiser. To accommodate the iPad, the folio is slightly larger than A5 and can feel rather bulky which FiloFax have obviously tried to minimise as the¬†spine is thinner than the outer edge.¬†The pen loop is not attached to the organiser itself and instead if attached to the folio. It’s the obvious choice for the layout when it is used as one system but if you remove the organiser, you are missing a pen. The back portion of the organiser is solid plastic to slot into the folio whilst the front is very soft and supple. It is faux leather.

The back of the folio on the left has slot along the top which the writing pad was originally stored in but I removed it,¬†securing it in the rings so I can get to the card slots on the back. So far they just hold my small post its and some stamps, originally it was going to hold my bank cards but I think I’ve changed my mind on that one. I think you can just make out the pen in the picture – it’s a 0.5 Pilot Frixon which have become my favourite pens ever. I have a selection in both 0.5 and 0.7 but prefer the .5 as an everyday writing pen.


The front of my organiser holds some more post its and my dots. I’m using the red ones as diary indicators for doing things with Laufey (that’s him in my divider pictures). I¬†might use the other colours in a similar fashion for work, the college course I’m hoping to start and volunteering but we’ll see on that front.

Inside my planner, I’m currently using a year on a page from wendaful, just because it’s pretty, and philofaxy week on two pages inserts. I made the goals page myself inspired by these. I had originally planned to use this one¬†but it didn’t fit what I was looking for. The large shaded circles are a theme with the small circles being specific goals. My themes of the year are MiMi, Laufey, Personal and Career. I’ve not quite filled all of the small circles but I’m more than okay with that.¬†I’m planning a matching food diary too as I’ve not found anything that matches what I want. I’m not sure I’ll stick with these inserts yet but we’ll see how I get on.

As you can see, there’s not really much going on in my life at the minute, I have work in the mornings and that’s about it but I’m hoping to start a college course later this month and I’ve been a volunteer for the RSCPA for a few years and I’m hoping to move from the charity shop (where I’ve admittedly not been in a while) to the animal centre and I can spend time with the animals. Due to the time of year, there’s no red dots this week either but they do pop up again from next week! If I start these things, then this will be my lifebook all year with this (hopefully) doubling as my college notebook and possibly even a tracker for the dogs I’m hoping to help train but we’ll have to see if there’s space as the rings are quite small.

If I’m going to use this planner as my all-in-one all year, it’s going to have to come to work and sit in my locker which is completely impossible for the whole thing so it’ll have to just be the¬†organiser portion. As such, I’m looking into making a notebook cover for it when it’s wandering on its own with a handy pen holder but that’s going to take some time.

I’m going to end this little introductory review with a couple more pictures of my dividers. The pictures are the same on the front and the back but the back also has some brilliant quotes. They’re pretty much all related to dogs in some way or another, the A A Milne one is about friends and Laufey definitely fits that criteria too. The one on the right, of Laufey on the promenade is a quote by Natalia Alexandrov over on her blog dogsaremypatronus. I really love her blog, her dog tips are excellent and her humour whilst doing so is always a brilliant addition. I’m going to dedicate a whole post to them once I’ve finished working out the tabs

FiloFax College

Personal Red

056¬†I wasn’t sure what I was really looking for when I bought this planner. It’s an older model that I found as¬†brand new in box¬†on eBay. Indeed it was brand new in the box, still with it’s 1994 inserts! I think my favourite thing about this is the colour, red being my favourite anyway and it is a “proper red” that matches Laufey’s accessories. (For anyone not in the know, Laufey is my dog and the most important consideration in my life). This planner has the Filofax¬†f on the cover but not on the spine.

This style of planner included 6 plastic inserts, a world map, the ruler, a week on two page diary and a square notepad which has a handy slot to hold it on the back. Obviously the diary is redundant and I’m not a huge fan of the ruler only poking out of the top as I tend to flip from the bottom but it’s a lovely planner. It didn’t come with a protector on the rings.

When I moved out of my Apex, this is the planner I moved into. I swapped out the ruler with the one in my Domino to get the bottom tab, had enough slots for my essential cards (I still need a card holder for the rest if I stay in this planner) and I put the diary pages out of the domino in here too. For now, I’ve still got all of the original inserts from this planner, the actual diary is being stored in the domino but I salvaged the other inserts to keep. In these pictures, the new ones are on the left and the 1993 style inserts on the right. For the To Do and Addresses,¬†each entry was outlined, something I think has been removed for the better. In the Addresses, an email line has been introduced. For the lined pages, the lines themselves have gone from a pale grey to a slightly darker hue of their actual colour, I don’t really have an opinion on this change but you might.

057This is what the front of my planner currently looks like. It has my essential cards, my drivers licence has been taken out of the ID slot for this shot – I’m still of an age where being ID’d is the norm. The plastic holding the sticky notes is the perfect size to slide into the bottom card slot and the paperclip is just there in case. Behind the card slots is a pocket but it is quite difficult to get my fingers into because of the rings, makes it a nice big pocket but hard to get bits out of without folding the planner back on itself. This pocket is currently holding a temporary “purse” for my cash which is actually a clear plastic zip wallet that some pens from Home Bargains came in.

I also moved my nail file into the plastic pocket at the back. I¬†must make a soft, fabric case for it once I get the time. I also moved in the papers that were stuck in the back of my apex because I still need them but I need a storage solution for them that’s more secure without punching those pages. Something I need to work on. I’m debating removing the square pad from the back but for now it’s not in the way so it gets to stay.

Quick thoughts
stunning colour
enough card slots for the essentials
super easy access to bank card without opening
the pen holder is ridged, not sure how I feel about that but it's
perfect size for my pilot
not too floppy
the only pocket is difficult to get into

FiloFax Domino

Personal Purple

062.JPG¬†Confession time, I haven’t used this planner! I bought it at the same time I bought my Apex¬†but haven’t moved into it yet so can’t really say how I like it much. It’s currently being used to store the inserts from my College organiser so I’m just going to give it my first impression.




Quick thoughts
card slots - it has enough that I could carry my essential cards
doesn't have a nice pocket for my phone
elasticated which I'm worried about stretching
I think the fabric interior will collect dust and pet hair and be 
hard to get clean better size for writing than the pocket

FiloFax Apex

Pocket in pink

003¬†This is the very first planner I’ve ever used. I wasn’t overly sure when I bought it but thought it was a bargain at the time so figured why not. It’s a lovely pink colour with blue stitching. The blue really matches my iPhone 5c. Just poking out of the edge of this picture you can see my pen – one of the Pilot Frixon ones I read about and have instantly fallen in love.




When I bought this from T K Maxx, it had a 2016 diary in it, obviously the route you want to go if you’re buying a new planner but I really wanted to use it this year to get a feel for it. I think I’ll be big on the decorating scene, and I didn’t want anything too involved to test it out with so I printed off just the December 2015 portion of the inserts on Philofaxy.


Before writing this, I’ve already moved out of it so this picture has just thrown my loose papers into the back again just to show them off. Peaking out the top of it, you can just make out a glass nail file as I like to have one on me all the time. The binder and paper clips are just things I had lying around, I wasn’t really using the card slot because one card is never enough for me so didn’t make a move to use it as a wallet too. In the back of this planner there is an open top pocket which, sans cover, was a nice snug fit for my phone, which would be perfect to keep it safe without needing to stick it in a pocket.¬†I make a quick cover for the planner as a quick test on covers for when I move into my A5 (I have big plans for that one!). Overall, I still love the quote idea I want to go with but it definitely needs to be on something other than white card, whilst not a huge issue with my current plan definitely something to keep in mind.

For now, I also kept the ring protector in, purely because it’s still new and I’m not using it much. If I was staying in this planner, I think I’d need to add more pocket space – specifically card holder places as I¬†think I want to use my planner as a wallet too, to encourage me to remember it and use it.

Quick thoughts

Small enough to be portable
bit too small for me to write comfortably
colourful and co-ordinates with my phone
phone fits perfectly in the back
not enough card space
worried about stretching the elastic