About Me

This is a bit of an adventure into the unknown.

E1AD7FD3-CC01-43D4-B7C2-87E6E471A57F_zpsnyxbp9odI’m Della. A few years ago, I discovered blogging and spent some time using a blog as a brain dump. Then two years ago when I got a puppy I created Fur Kids and I to chronicle his life. The blog started life on Tumblr but I migrated it onto WordPress some time ago.

I got into planners only very recently. 2015 to be precise. I was having a general nosey around Staples and came across the Filofax Pennybridge iPad organiser. I’d been looking for a new iPad case for some time and liked the look of it so came home to shop around. I found one second hand on eBay that my mum bought as a christmas gift for that year. Between ordering the filo and christmas, we were in T K Maxx and I came across two filofax planners in there too. I bought them both. This site is, hopefully, going to keep track of what I try, like and don’t like.