Decisions, hopes and finding your Identity

Well, the domino lasted long. Not. I’m back to my a5 and I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not going to get on with the domino. I might try going back to my college one day (I do love that planner) but the domino just isn’t for me. I’m still looking for a new planner, a5 size but I’m hoping to use it as a purse too and debating whether I should get something with a zip pocket or punch a purse into it. I’ll probably start with the purse punch and go from there. I think I’d love a chameleon but they seem very hard to find and a lady I’ve been speaking to about one but I can’t afford it. I’m looking into a few other models too so we’ll see.


I’m officially using my A4 Identity now too. Last week I started a new college course and was hoping to just use my A5 with everything in it. Once I got there and realised the tutor is going to pre-print all of the handouts for the course on A4 paper all pre-punched to fit in my identity I figured I’d use this instead.


I enlarged the Wendaful year on a page that I’ve been using in my A5 for my front and stuck some washi tape on the dividers. I hope to get some fancy dividers for it but we’ll see on that front. My post-its are just slid into a card slot, my calculator shoved in the side and my student ID is just looped around it then I don’t forget it.

I’m going to make a pen loop for my current A5 so I’ll show you that once I’ve finished it!


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