FiloFax Identity

I accidentally bought yet another filofax. Honestly, I really didn’t mean to this time but I couldn’t pass up such a great bargain. I was actually out with the intention of finding a new desk but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Meet my A4 Identity. It was advertised as originally being £50 in WHSmith but had a sticker on it saying it was £30 and then another saying it was £14.95. The other one they had only had the £30 sticker – I don’t know if they actually were different prices but I wasn’t chancing it. The box was a bit beaten up but I don’t mind that.

Looking closely at the filo, there is a small scuff on the spine and a couple of tiny marks on the back but they’re not noticeable unless you’re really looking for them.

Inside, there’s the standard diary, ruler, to do, addresses, this notepaper that I might scan in so I can print copies and the notepad. The inside corners have this pinched design which I’m not overly keen on – it just doesn’t look as clean as other designs where this is sandwiched inside the binder. It’s also heavy. As in, weighs on a par with my Pennybridge with my iPad in it.

Overall, I wouldn’t have paid £50 for it. In fact, I likely wouldn’t have paid £30 for it but at £15 I think it was a bargain.

My other topic of interest for the day is the cover I was talking about for my Pennybridge. I still don’t yet have the material (hoping to find something later this week) but in the mean time I remembered a bag I have that I was hoping it would fit in.

IMG_2371 It fits perfectly. It’s a bag I got a couple of years ago from New Look and never really used but it fits very snug and is a perfect temporary home for my A5 filo. Whilst I was in town yesterday, I also got the ladybug watch key ring. I’m obsessed with lady bugs and just had to buy it. It makes a lovely filo charm but my filo won’t fit in the bag when it’s hanging off it, small price to pay for a temporary solution.


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