FiloFax Apex

Pocket in pink

003 This is the very first planner I’ve ever used. I wasn’t overly sure when I bought it but thought it was a bargain at the time so figured why not. It’s a lovely pink colour with blue stitching. The blue really matches my iPhone 5c. Just poking out of the edge of this picture you can see my pen – one of the Pilot Frixon ones I read about and have instantly fallen in love.




When I bought this from T K Maxx, it had a 2016 diary in it, obviously the route you want to go if you’re buying a new planner but I really wanted to use it this year to get a feel for it. I think I’ll be big on the decorating scene, and I didn’t want anything too involved to test it out with so I printed off just the December 2015 portion of the inserts on Philofaxy.


Before writing this, I’ve already moved out of it so this picture has just thrown my loose papers into the back again just to show them off. Peaking out the top of it, you can just make out a glass nail file as I like to have one on me all the time. The binder and paper clips are just things I had lying around, I wasn’t really using the card slot because one card is never enough for me so didn’t make a move to use it as a wallet too. In the back of this planner there is an open top pocket which, sans cover, was a nice snug fit for my phone, which would be perfect to keep it safe without needing to stick it in a pocket. I make a quick cover for the planner as a quick test on covers for when I move into my A5 (I have big plans for that one!). Overall, I still love the quote idea I want to go with but it definitely needs to be on something other than white card, whilst not a huge issue with my current plan definitely something to keep in mind.

For now, I also kept the ring protector in, purely because it’s still new and I’m not using it much. If I was staying in this planner, I think I’d need to add more pocket space – specifically card holder places as I think I want to use my planner as a wallet too, to encourage me to remember it and use it.

Quick thoughts

Small enough to be portable
bit too small for me to write comfortably
colourful and co-ordinates with my phone
phone fits perfectly in the back
not enough card space
worried about stretching the elastic


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