FiloFax College

Personal Red

056 I wasn’t sure what I was really looking for when I bought this planner. It’s an older model that I found as brand new in box on eBay. Indeed it was brand new in the box, still with it’s 1994 inserts! I think my favourite thing about this is the colour, red being my favourite anyway and it is a “proper red” that matches Laufey’s accessories. (For anyone not in the know, Laufey is my dog and the most important consideration in my life). This planner has the Filofax f on the cover but not on the spine.

This style of planner included 6 plastic inserts, a world map, the ruler, a week on two page diary and a square notepad which has a handy slot to hold it on the back. Obviously the diary is redundant and I’m not a huge fan of the ruler only poking out of the top as I tend to flip from the bottom but it’s a lovely planner. It didn’t come with a protector on the rings.

When I moved out of my Apex, this is the planner I moved into. I swapped out the ruler with the one in my Domino to get the bottom tab, had enough slots for my essential cards (I still need a card holder for the rest if I stay in this planner) and I put the diary pages out of the domino in here too. For now, I’ve still got all of the original inserts from this planner, the actual diary is being stored in the domino but I salvaged the other inserts to keep. In these pictures, the new ones are on the left and the 1993 style inserts on the right. For the To Do and Addresses, each entry was outlined, something I think has been removed for the better. In the Addresses, an email line has been introduced. For the lined pages, the lines themselves have gone from a pale grey to a slightly darker hue of their actual colour, I don’t really have an opinion on this change but you might.

057This is what the front of my planner currently looks like. It has my essential cards, my drivers licence has been taken out of the ID slot for this shot – I’m still of an age where being ID’d is the norm. The plastic holding the sticky notes is the perfect size to slide into the bottom card slot and the paperclip is just there in case. Behind the card slots is a pocket but it is quite difficult to get my fingers into because of the rings, makes it a nice big pocket but hard to get bits out of without folding the planner back on itself. This pocket is currently holding a temporary “purse” for my cash which is actually a clear plastic zip wallet that some pens from Home Bargains came in.

I also moved my nail file into the plastic pocket at the back. I must make a soft, fabric case for it once I get the time. I also moved in the papers that were stuck in the back of my apex because I still need them but I need a storage solution for them that’s more secure without punching those pages. Something I need to work on. I’m debating removing the square pad from the back but for now it’s not in the way so it gets to stay.

Quick thoughts
stunning colour
enough card slots for the essentials
super easy access to bank card without opening
the pen holder is ridged, not sure how I feel about that but it's
perfect size for my pilot
not too floppy
the only pocket is difficult to get into

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